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Losing My Virginity To My Brother-In-Law | Indian Sex Story - Desi Adult Story

Posted on:- 2022-03-21

Hello, everyone. I'm Swati, and I'm 24 years old. I'm lean and fair, with a 34c-28-36 body type. I'd like to tell you about about a sex story in hindi and some of the circumstances that led to me falling for my brother-in-law and losing my virginity to him.


While I was in my third year of college, my sister married. My niece was born the following year, and I also finished my degree. Since I was on vacation after graduation, I went to help my elder sister with her kid, who was eight months old at the time.


My brother in law and sister were both working, so my presence in their home was quite beneficial. My brother-in-law was sporty and used to go to the gym. I sense his eyes straying over my body when he speaks to me. That used to make me feel bashful, but I overlooked it at the time.


Later, once I moved in, he began brushing my hips and breasts anytime he got the opportunity. For example, when he wanted to take the baby away from me, he would rub his entire arm on my breasts, which tickled me. I normally slept next to their room, and their sex sessions were always loud. I used to feel wet below in my pussy and would go to bed hoping that I, too, would be fucked like that someday.


One day, I was surfing on the computer when I accidentally clicked on the DVD from the drive. Suddenly, a pornographic film began to play. I was stunned at first and turned it off. I played again after a while out of curiosity. It was my first time seeing porn. My pussy felt wet, and my body appeared to be heated. My brother-in-law purposely left the porn DVD there since he knows I will be exploring the web while alone at the house.


My sister went to work one weekday as usual, while my brother-in-law stayed at home. My sister called to tell me that my brother-in-law had the day off and would be staying at home.


Around 11 a.m., I watched television in the hallway as my brother in law worked on the computer. My niece was dozing off in the bedroom. My brother-in-law abruptly summoned me from the other bedroom, where the computer was and forced me to sit on the computer chair.


He instructed me to open one file, and then a video began to play. The video featured a close-up of a dick fucking pussy. My brother in law suggested that I watch while I quickly closed my eyes with my hand. When I resumed watching, I saw something familiar to me.


Only then did I realise it was my sister's pussy that had been fucked, and it was my brother in law who had done it. My sister's moans were loud, which made me extremely aroused. I was oozing fluids from my pussy. My brother-in- law's arms were all over my bra before I could catch my breath. He was undoing the button. His hands then began to play with my boobs, and I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.


He then kissed my shoulder from behind, all the way up to my earlobes. I had chills throughout my body as he touched me. He softly gripped my boobs and pinched my nipple before biting and sucking them. I was topless by then since he had already removed everything.

He then compelled me to stand, his hands all over my pyjamas, and I was down with my foot instantly. He then stripped down to my underwear and had me naked in front of him. He drew me in and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my forehead and massaging my ass cheeks. I was entirely under his control and had let go of all my inhibitions.


He then knelt and began massaging my clit and pussy. I was on the point of cumming when he rapidly stroked my clit, and I quickly burst. He sat on the ground and ordered me to spread my legs and stand.


He then began eating the dripping fluids from my pussy from the bottom. I felt like I was in heaven. He had eaten me for about 10 minutes by the time I returned. My legs were shaky as a result, and I began to quiver.


He then stood up and put a kiss on my lips, telling me that I owed him one in return.  He made me sit and placed one of my hands on the erection of his pants. It was scorching inside, and he urged me to take his pyjamas off. He was dressed in his underpants, and his cock within was attempting to spring outside. He ordered me to lay a kiss on his dick over his underpants and then pull it down. His 7-inch cock shot out and struck my face as soon as I pushed it down.


I was amazed to see how big his cock was. He then held my head and made me suck his cock; it was also wet with his cum. After some time, I started liking it and sucked it like a bitch hungry for a bone, swallowing it down my throat and licking off his top after that.


Then he made me lie on the bed in doggy style position and spanked my ass hard it felt so good, the pleasure and pain all at once, Then finally he inserted his big cock in my pussy, it felt so fucking good, filling my pussy with his throbbing dick and fucking me hard like am his bitch thrusting inside, I was moaning with pleasure ahhhh oooffff yesss, he was holding my hairs and pulling them, after 30 minutes of intense hard sex he cummed inside me till then I had also cummed multiple times, my first sex experience with my brother-in-law was awesome.


After that, we fucked multiple times when my sister in law was not at home. I will tell more about it in my next sex story in hindi.

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